Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Eat: Mulberry Bar & Bistro

We have just had my parents down staying with us for one night before they jetted off to Andalucía for two weeks, the lucky sods (lucky being the holiday bit, not their night on the blow up bed). Since it was a Sunday and a few of us were suffering from wedding related and all nighter related hangovers we thought some homely, tasty, will squash the one too many gin feeling by the sheer weight of the carbs meal, was just what we needed. The other stipulation was it had to be close by. 

So with this in mind we trotted around the corner to Mulberry, with two bushes of the same name helpfully stationed outside to welcome you in it always looks really inviting with twinkle lights hanging all year around. Situated on the Southside’s Pollokshaws Road, Mulberry is one half pub and one half bistro and has a big menu with some old classics and international inspired dishes.

We settled into a roomy wooden booth which Mark apparently took as a direct indication that they would do a good burger, and that they did.  We had; 

Mark: water (ahem) Homemade beef burger with chilli and cheese and hand cut chips

Mum: large Malbec (they were in holiday mode) Mulberry St. fishcakes served with salad & dip

Dad: large Malbec ( see above) macaroni cheese and hand cut chips

Kirsty: water (also see above)  Breaded chicken burger served with mayo, coleslaw & Cajun fries

Me: gin and tonic (no judging) Stornaway black pudding & chorizo salad with walnuts and chopped celery  

In two Doric words: fit fine. Everyone really enjoyed it and was stuffed full by the time the last cheesy macaroni morsel was nabbed of my dads plate.  

What I like about Mulberry is the atmosphere which is really warm and relaxed and I think the style of the food reflects that with big portions and lots of familiar favourites, however elements like adding a Cajun spice to the fries, serving a bouillabaisse and tagine mean there is something for the more exotic tastes.  The meal costs are extremely reasonable averaging about £10, which for the amount of food you are served is great value.  

I have to give snaps to the pub side of the set up which has guest ales from brewery’s like Fyne Ales and a great whisky and wine selection or a Lauren Perrier if you’re feeling funcy.


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