Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Who doesn't want a little ceramic bunny wearing a pair of gold pants? I have this lapin earmarked for a friends bday, her name is Jessica so it's really quite fitting.

On the rabbit note, two very different beasts shared my childhood, one the endearing, naughty, vegetable loving kind, the other was the long lost twin of General Woundwart . I have a beautiful set of Beatrix Potter books that were given to me as a gift when I was little, and they were the main fixture at story time (The Tales of Mrs Tiggy-winkle was a favorite). I loved listening to the mischief that the characters got up to, and when I could read on my own I delved into the world of Peter Rabbit like I was visiting old friends.

Flip side: my brother and I persuaded my parents to get a rabbit of our own, "Dwarf" it read on the hutch, "won't grow much bigger than it is now, and very mild mannered" the salesman said. LIES. I called it Flopsy (Peter's sister) and we played with her, fed her, cleaned her out, until it became to big for us to hold her, the back legs kicking became too strong for us too keep her in our arms and It's red eyes in the dark made us too scared to approach the hutch. In short, It was hostile, the rabbits hate for us akin to our fear of the rabbit. Numerous escape plots were scuppered and you could tell It was pissed off. To example the capacity for evil, we kept a guniea pig, Frankie, in there with It sometimes, and It bullied the poor thing until his hair fell out and was hospitalised for stress, the scratch and bite marks lasting reminders. So there we have it, two very different rabbits and one very confused child.

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